Become a lead conversion superstar

Follow Up Any Time, From Anywhere with Follow-up Coach

Following up with your sphere could not be an easier with Follow-up Coach. With Top Producer® CRM on your mobile device you can follow up with 5 clients a day, in 15 minutes or less, no matter where you are. Plus, you have the option to follow up by phone, text, email, or send a Market Snapshot® report (we’ll talk more about Market Snapshot® later).

With pre-written templates, you can follow up while you wait for your coffee or between listing appointments.

You are a few taps away from fast follow-up from your mobile phone

Access Follow-up Coach from Your Desktop Computer

Don’t Have Market Snapshot®?

Market Snapshot® reports are the perfect companion to Top Producer® CRM. With Market Snapshot® you can automatically send your clients and prospects accurate, real-time market reports tailored to their requirements. Plus, Market Snapshot® reports have an 18% average click through rate - that’s 16% higher than the industry average!*


*Source: Mail Chimp and Market Snapshot(R) Internal Analytics, 2015