Get your leads and contacts into the system

We’ve made importing your data a snap! You can import from lots of sources—Outlook, Google, and LinkedIn, to name a few. Plus, Top Producer® CRM plays well with over 140+ lead sources.

To make Top Producer® CRM really work for you, it’s important to route your leads and get your contacts into the system.

There are several ways to get your contacts into Top Producer®. You can:

  • Add them manually.

  • Sync with Google or Outlook.

  • Use the import tool to import from other programs.

  • ...and even import from your smartphone!

Manually Add Contacts

Via Mobile

Open Top Producer® > click the “+” icon in the upper right corner > then select the contact icon.

Adding contacts

Via Desktop

Log in to Top Producer® and go to Contacts > Add Contact.  

Enter their name and any other contact details you have, then click save. That’s all there is to it!

Get Your Leads into Top Producer® (automatically!)

Chances are, you’ve got leads coming in from multiple your personal website, 3rd party sites like® and Zillow, and many more.  

Top Producer® makes it easy for you to bring all of those leads into your CRM so you can nurture them until they’re transaction ready. Here’s how:

Not sure if we support your lead provider? Odds are...we do! Click here to check out our list of over 140 providers.

Sync your Office 365 or Google contacts

If you’re using Google or Office 365, we’ve made it super easy to sync your contacts. Once you set it up, changes you make to contacts in one program will be automatically synced to the other. Cool, right?

To sync your Google contacts:

Contact sync

Important note: If you want to sync your contacts that are already in Top Producer CRM,  you have to set them to sync. Don’t worry—it’s easy. Just go to Contacts > Contacts Summary > select the contacts you want to sync > then click Sync > Add to Sync.
That’s all there is to it!

To sync your Office 365 contacts:


Import Your Contacts

You can import .CSV and .VCF files. Before you groan, know that we’ve made this as painless as possible for you. Again, if you need help just give us a ring and we’ll take care of it for you.


Export contacts from your smartphone and LinkedIn.

Once you’ve exported your contacts, use our Import tool (above) to get them in Top Producer® CRM.

Once your contacts are in Top Producer CRM, you’ll want to make sure you track their progress throughout the sales cycle. That way you’ll always have an accurate view of your Sales Pipeline.

Doing this is as simple as assigning a status that reflects the stage they’re in. We give you 7 to choose from and various areas where you can update it, including the Sales Pipeline on the home page (shown below), the contact record and in the Follow-up Coach.